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Welcome to Metroid Construction Forums! We're mainly catered towards helping you and your hack for whatever Metroid game you may prefer to completion, as well as commenting on your progress! However, we do have a few guidelines on what you shouldn't do - known affectionately as "The Recognized Forum Crimes." They are split up into two categories: Felonies, and Misdemeanors. Felonies are more serious crimes than Misdemeanors, as you would expect:

1. No warez - That means no links, and no cracks, either. Offenses of this manner are likely to result in a ban.

2. No trolling/flaming - Flaming is the act of deliberately insulting forum members to try and evoke a response (also known as a flame war.) The opposite is trolling, which is the act of deliberately upsetting users so as to make them flame you. Neither shall be tolerated in the slightest, earning a user at best a warning and/or a temporary ban.

3. No explicit material - The forum is easily accessible to anyone ranging from 8 to 80 years old, and as such, explicit material is not allowed in any way, shape, or form whatsoever. Of course, posting such content is quick means to reach a permanent ban.

4. No 1337-speak - "1337-speak" (leet) posts are simply not allowed, as said language is unintelligible garbage and considered clutter. Posts made entirely out of 1337-speak will be grounds for a ban.

5. No ban evading/contesting - While we may enjoy talking openly with our forum users, ban evading is simply not acceptable. Please do not create a new account or send us an e-mail asking why you were banned; ignorance of the types of crimes possible on the forum is most likely why you were banned in the first place. If you DO create a new account, we will know, and you shall be banned again. You are welcome, however, to come by our channel, #metconst on, to discuss your ban if you truly and honestly do not understand why.

6. No e-mail abuse - Using people's e-mail addresses to send them threats, sign them up to receive junk mail, etc. is simply intolerable, and is a bannable offense.

7. Insubordination - Generally, each and every Mod and Admin on the forums has his or her own style of doing things, and shall issue rulings as they see fit should a user commit any of "The Recognized Forum Crimes." Insubordination is simply ignoring a Mod's or Admin's ruling, and in most cases is not tolerable. If you strongly disagree with what a Mod or Global Mod says, go above their head. If they're an Admin, too bad.

1. Sig limit - Signatures are solely limited to one 500px by 150px image and one line of text. Violators will simply have their sig removed.

2. No spamming - SPAM stands for "Stupid, pointless, annoying messages;" that includes things like advertising (unless it's your hack in the appropriate topic,) self-promotion, irrelevant posts, and other general clutter posts that add nothing to the subject at all. Multiple warnings on this subject will earn a user disciplinary action.

3. No pointless bumping - Topic bumping is allowed, as long as one is able to add to the subject matter at hand with a thoughtful and intelligent post (or new content otherwise, since this is a hacking forum.) Violations of this manner will usually result in a warning.

4. No Mods begging - On occasion, we may promote users to a position of authority should he or she display a proper attitude, exemplary responsibility, discipline, and fairness. The perfect way to show us that you aren't qualified for said position in any way is to beg to be one. WE will come to YOU, not the other way around.

5. No lock begging - If either we or the original topic creator determines that a topic needs a lock for valid reason, then we shall lock it. We welcome all PMs and/or reports that a topic is getting out of hand (A report can be filed by clicking the \!/ triangle in the top-right corner of an offending post,) but begging us to lock a topic otherwise will result in disciplinary action.

6. No mini-modding - This refers to acting as an Admin or Mod would in any given situation when said user clearly has no jurisdiction to do so in any given forum. That means Moderators moderating in a forum that isn't their own, or users preaching to one another about how they are acting criminally in the forums. We welcome all PMs and/or reports that a topic is getting out of hand (A report can be filed by clicking the \!/ triangle in the top-right corner of an offending post,) but in this manner, mini-modding is simply not needed.

7. Double-posting - Double-posting is when a user posts twice or more in a row (i.e. no other users' posts come in-between.) Generally it's not needed, but is allowed, though, if the topic's creator deems it necessary (i.e. he or she makes a double-post with a large image or video attached.) Double-posting generally isn't considered a true misdemeanor, although repeatedly double-posting without adding any new content whatsoever will result in discipline.

8. Alternate accounts - All alternate accounts are to be approved by forum management before use, although there shouldn't be any need for them. Any misdemeanor or felony conducted with unapproved alternate accounts may result in THE BANHAMMER OF DEATH bans for one or all said accounts.

9. Note on other languages - Although this is primarily an English speaking forum, other languages are perfectly acceptable, as long as they do not otherwise hinder forum relations (i.e. see the rule on 1337-speak.)

Hacks Board Specific Misdemeanors:
10. "Hacks Ideas" threads - Please reserve all hacks ideas for their respective "hacks ideas" threads on each forum. If one does not exist for a particular game, creating one is allowed; however, one and ONLY one is allowed at a time. Please look for a Hacks Ideas thread before creating a new one. A single misdemeanor of this kind will simply have the posts merged into the respective thread; further violations will result in disciplinary action.

11. No soliciting ideas - Hijacking an ideas thread or creating a new thread for the purpose of gaining ideas solely for use in your hack is not allowed. However, you are free to use any ideas that others have contributed to the hacks ideas thread. That's

User Agreement: By signing up at this forum, you agree that you have understood and can adhere to the guidelines set forth by the above "Recognized Forum Crimes," as well as understanding the possible consequences for committing any of them. You also agree that you will adhere to said guidelines for the embetterment of the community as a whole. You agree as well that the "Recognized Forum Crimes" may change at any moment, and that you shall agree not to commit any new "Recognized Forum Crimes" as well. You also understand that the message board is in no way a democracy, as the majority does not determine the appropriate course of action for any given crime. Now that that is all out of the way, we humbly welcome you to our forum. We wish you a fun and bountiful experience here at Metroid Construction Forums, and we hope to see content from you soon!

Location : Kensington, MD
Job/Hobbies : Unemployed - Doom, Writing, Programming, Insanity, Creepiness
Game Modding Alignment : Doom
Other : PM me if you like "futa hentai stories." Preferably in that order.

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