Background art and a new forum!

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Background art and a new forum!

Post by Zhs2 on Wed Mar 18, 2009 1:56 pm

After some internal debate (mainly uNsane complaining,) the forum's got a flavorful background. Crys first made it with some cool decorations, but they have since been removed do to major slowdowns while browsing the forum. Sad Thanks to Crys for the original concept, and uNsane for the major resize :P

Also, we've instated a new forum in community: Misc. Hacks, Fangames, and Mods, for those of you who don't screw around with Metroid at all but like to mod something else and hang around here anyway Razz (here's to looking at myself in the mirror!) Cheers, and keep on hacking!

- Zhs2, your friendly forum co-admin

Location : Kensington, MD
Job/Hobbies : Unemployed - Doom, Writing, Programming, Insanity, Creepiness
Game Modding Alignment : Doom
Other : PM me if you like "futa hentai stories." Preferably in that order.

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