Forum guidelines posted, and new features!

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Forum guidelines posted, and new features!

Post by Zhs2 on Tue Mar 17, 2009 1:26 pm

Okay! Lots of stuff happened between the timeframe of yesterday and today.

First off, we've got our official Forum Guidelines topic up! Be sure to read through them, and not commit any of the crimes! Smile

Second off, Forumotion went ahead and threw me a loop with a ton of new forum features. They are as follows:

- An annoying login box! Seriously. You haven't logged in yet, and that thing will bother you to no end! Be sure to register! ;)
- An updated look to the forum profiles. If you've used a vBulletin board before, they should look familiar.
- They gave us a points reputation system, but seriously, what a waste of forum space. Evil or Very Mad
- Post counts are gone from messages now. They can still be viewed in Profiles, however.

Not to mention, a couple of things are broken, too. The members list and Friends feature seem to be on the fritz; hopefully, Forumotion will get them back up and running again. EDIT: The forum feeds seem to be broken too, so apologies to anyone subscribing to them.

Cheers, and keep on hacking!

- Zhs2, your friendly forum co-admin

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Other : PM me if you like "futa hentai stories." Preferably in that order.

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