Metroid Pro mission

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Metroid Pro mission

Post by Crys on Fri Mar 13, 2009 4:38 pm

Metroid Pro mission, is an old MZM hack I made back when it was zero fission and not DH.

Once you beat kraid and are going into norfair, then you're done with the new content.
This one is best to be played on the GBA or the DS via flash carts as VBA normally lags MZM.

A good thing to note is that the hack is HARD. And when I say HARD I mean it!

Download right here

Origonal release post:

You need to be able to do this to beat it:
One wall, wall jumping.
Lava/acid wall jumping.
Infi bomb jumping.
And evil jumps.
Shiny sparking. <-(not yet needed)


This hack have the following:

Evil platforming.
A lot of lava.
Pallet change. (in kraid only so far)
Infi-Bomb jumping.
Items are more hidden.
Evil enemy place meant.
And probably more fun/evil stuff ^o^

Save stat abusers

I do not blame any one who will use save stats to beat the game.

They are not needed though. A tip: Keep more then one stat. Like one at the start of the room. Cause you need to use you energy wisely!

For the sake of saying. Yes this have been tested and is 100% beat able. I and my beta tester: Fizzer/me-is-liam
Have tested and beated it.

Q: why do the lava look glitchy in the starting room?
A: A bug that will be fixed. I know whats the problem thanks to inter.

Q: I can't get to morph ball! What should I do?
A: You can actually jump to all platforms in that room. If you do not make it wall jump up the block you are trying to get to.

Q: I see a E tank but I can't get to it, What do I do?
A: If it is the one I'm thinking on you need bombs.

Q: I can't get to long beam!!!
A: Some general tips: Shoot down any enemies you can before you jump down in the lava. And Instead of trying to beat them in one jump + wall jump, Land on the bottom and jump up and do wall jumping from there. When you get to a safe room grind some enemies.

Q: OMG! THIS IS TO FREAKING HARD!:!!!!oneone11!!
A: You don't need to play it. And beside if you do not give up you will get better. I did suck at this first too.

Q: The norfair elivator do glitch up what not?
A: Oh noes. If so please post a comment. Then this patch is broken and I have to get the other one. (With less changes in it and more bugs)


The beta ends when you get past the speed block in norfair

Enjoy! ^^ Any bugs, Comments, help request or feed back post here. Me (and maybe) Fizzer will respond and help.

After playing the hack for 10 min read the FAQ. A tip from me.

I'm not sure if the patch is for the (U) ROM or the (E) ROM. Try the other if the first do not work.

I might get back to this hack some day. But that would be after I get done with Ice Metal. :E

Game Modding Alignment : Super Metroid

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